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UNDERNEATH is a tale of rebirth and opportunity. Not only when we are raw and empty must we make the best of what the tide brings in and put a little trust in the unknown.


The first spark of inspiration for UNDERNEATH came many years ago, when Kraig heard a storyteller's version of "Skeleton Woman," an Inuit Myth. Much of the strong Imagery rang true to his experiences as a marine and the show has evolved from that place of memory.

While our show has diverged from the original tale, and we recoganize that it is not our tale to tell, we recommend your exploration of the remaining Inuit myths as they are rich and magical, yet sadly disappearing from view.


Circus and theater traditions combine for a unique night of storytelling!

Tempos will be performing alongside the fabulous Echo Theater Company as part of the fertile groud festival. Join us for an evening titled "essentials"

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