Icarian Acrobatics - led by Hobs and Kena

Wednesdays from 7:30-9PM


Take your L-basing practice to new heights by trying Icarian! Icarian pops are ones in which the base and flyer fully disconnect. Come learn how to fly high and free, yet land as if on a pillow.

pre-reqs: able to practice L-basing pops in positions like bird, throne, plank safely


photo credit: James Sitzer



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Standing Acrobatics - led by Hobs and Kena

Wednesdays from 5:45-7:15PM


Standing acrobatics involves two or more people, with one person as the standing base, lifting, moving and supporting another person as a flyer. The poses/skills can be static or dynamic, and will be taught with a focus on proper alignment.  

Pre-reqs: strong muscles, healthy joints, a willingness to learn spotting and communicate kindly.

In Person Classes are back!

Partner and masks required, extra cleaning and air filter provided.


icarian standing

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We are back.


    We are ready.


         We are energized.


              We are being safe.

Show coming your way ~ late Jan 2021.

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Did you know that what your legs, feet and toes are doing in handstands doesn't actually matter? Me either until I stopped using them and started focussing on proper shoulder push and hand intelligence. There’s lots of little secrets of the handstand that I will show you during this workshop, so I hope you will join!

I will offer students a unique way to approach their handstand practice. For two hours you will be guided through the nerdy realms of handstand alignment, active flexibility and figuring out how to “stick” it.  

Students will receive 2 hours of solid instruction, personal coaching feedback & leave with drills specifically tailored for you! I am also offering an add on bonus for $20 for video review coaching of 2 videos sent to me over the span of 1 month. Please ask me more about this if you are interested.




Must be able to kick up or jump up to a handstand against the wall on your own.


Masks are required for all participants

We will have an air filter running throughout the class

Class is limited to 8 participants and you will all have your own space in the class


$40 for the 2 hour workshop

$20 add on for 2 video reviews (coaching) over the span of a month.