TEMPOS is a contemporary circus troupe that combines elements of physical theatre, dance, and acrobatics. As an ensemble, we strive to create a tension between fluid, rhythmic movement and dynamic, static postures. Like good music, there are moments of quiet shaped by rhythm and melody.



Artistic Director / Training company coach

Acrobat, dancer, clown, and physical theater performer: Kraig has performed as an evil scientist, a 10 foot alien, a dissatisfied KGB agent, a deformed outcast, and many others, but never the good guy, or the romantic lead, or even the funny sidekick. Now that he is the art director, he says he is going to cast himself in all three roles at once.


Production Manager / Training company coach

Intense, caring, supportive and strong. Angela absolutely loves pushing her physical edge. She is a work hard, play harder type of person. Both an acrobat and an aerialist, she absolutely loves creating with Tempos.



With a playful energy based upon layers of hard work, handstands, and dance, Diamond has a deep passion for life and the AcroYoga practice. After fueling his love for Jewelry fabrication and outdoor sports in Idaho, his journey into the integrated movement arts started in 2007 when he found the seeds of his Yoga Practice in Portland, OR with a more focused background in Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga, Medical Qi-Gong, Kung Fu and Dance expression. In his life and AcroYoga classes you will get a semblance of that childlike curiosity, balanced with a depth of technical information, that fuel’s the spark of what truly makes you joyful in this human experience


From her background in yoga, Leah took up partner acro and aerial training as a way to increase her strength and experiment with flight. She is a company member of Tempos Contemporary Circus, and has also performed in several other local troupes. Leah’s non-acrobatic stage work has included classical theater, dance and Butoh. She is a teacher at heart, having taught in public schools for the past dozen+ years.


Training company coach

Zena has always been inspired by physical theatre, whether it is onstage, in the street, or a skit from old movies. Having grown up a dancer, she joined Tempos as an aerialist in 2013 and enjoys to continuously morph her skillset. Zena can also be found wearing fantastic creature costumes and working on puppet films with her dad, Chris Walas. By day she celebrates local whole grains as a baker alongside her husband, Matt Kedzie, with the team at Seastar Bakery and Handsome Pizza.





ARC specializes in performance, creation, and teaching.  It's Co-directors Alicia and Russ founded ARC as an avenue to combine their love of circus and dance.  Tempos is very excited to have them working with us for out 2018 season.

Photo by Isometric Studios and The Circus Project.



Training company coach

Yoga therapist, acrobat, athlete and hip hopper. Rachel loves to move and is pretty much up for anything as long as a partner is involved. She teaches yoga and AcroYoga and is one of the co-creators of unfold yoga studio. She offers a calm and focused presence to this creative and off the wall group. (who she loves dearly!)

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Data scientist by day, acrobat by night, Grimm balances his life of math and programming with his passion for movement. Having found a way to merge the raw physicality of mountain biking with the subtle connection of Argentine tango, he found his home in partner acrobatics.


Nick brings to stage a lifetime of eclectic interests in all flavors of movement. Ranging from dance, long-distance triathlons, rock climbing, and mountaineering, Nick began training in the circus arts in 2014, specializing in aerial rope and acrobatic movement. Nick loves to depict the sides of life you rarely see on stage: the awkward, uncomfortable, and vulnerable moments we all experience in our lives.

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At the age of six Courtney choreographed her first gymnastics routine; costumed in underwear, lit with reading lamps, and using a mattress stuffed with pillows as a crash pad. Not much has changed since then, and her love for being flung through the air has only grown. She teaches rock climbing at a local gym, hopes to one day run away from the circus to become a pilot, and loves apple pie.

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Sean relaxes from his engineering career by playing musician by night. Playing both upright and electric bass with Arabic bands in the Northwest, he enjoys performing the complexities of eastern music to the exotic style of belly dancers. Sean has also fallen in love with creating music for contemporary circus shows, striving to enhance their physically demanding and amazingly creative feats with musical soundscapes, especially those of Tempos. And on the side he enjoys sitting in with jazz groups or strumming oldies on the guitar.


Drummer, Pianist, and music composer, Lucas has been studying and creating music since childhood with a balance of classical training and improvisation.  Driven by an insatiable curiosity for life and wonder, Lucas thrives through textured collaborative performance art and bringing new creations into the world. When he’s not creating music, he stays busy by trying to figure out why he was cast as the role of human on the Planet Earth